Monday, September 28, 2009

Thrice "Beggars"

Sorry on the lack of updates. We promise to get back on the ball. Something we haven't done in a while is mention some of the new tunes we are listening to. I am a huge Thrice fan, I would even say they are my favorite band that consistently makes amazing album after album, pushing themselves as artist. Their newest album "Beggars" is another great album to add to their growing catalog. The albums lacks the heavy feel and moves to a more groove base which is a nice change for the band. Stand out tracks are "The Weight" "In Exile" and "Beggars". I definitely recommend you buy the physical cd which comes with 5 bonus tracks that are equally as great as the other tracks. Thrice if you read this for some strange reason we would do anything to do some design and/or illustrations for you =)

More Jolby updates coming soon thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We've been documenting all week our day-to-day projects, activities, and sketching for Doodlers Anonymous who will be graciously posting all of that nonsense. Here's a little sketchle for you in the meantime. We're working on moving the blog to something other than Blogger's poop portal. Cheers!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Work & A Nice Update

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We've been too busy playing racquetball and documenting a day-in-the-life of Jolby feature for Doodlers Anonymous which should appear in a few weeks or so. Above is our latest work for Brunch Box, a food cart here in Portland that holds the trophy for the Best Burger in Portland. We love their food and are stoked with how the tee came out. Click the pic to see all of the detail inside the design.

Other things going on: Urban Outfitters posters (through Tangible), our show with Ashley Forrette, Iron Wolf Racquetball matches, and our zine is currently being sold at Powell's Books, Grass Hut Gallery, Artful Goods, Together Gallery and more to come. Email us if you're interested in carrying the zine.