Wednesday, May 21, 2008

JOLBY WORK: Happy First Year Anniversary

Monday was the first wedding anniversary for my wife and I. We went to this ridiculous restaurant called MOTO. The best thing was the exploding cocktail, a truly mind blowing experience. Anyways for a gift I decided to make a book of fun little illustrations of our first year as married couple in a new city. It turned out pretty sweet and she loved it. Crazy awesome thing is she actually wrote me a book for my gift and I illustrated a book, too cute. Have a good day oh and Colby printed the book which turned out amazing so if you live in the San Diego county please punch him for me. Here are a couple of spreads you can go to my site to see more. Thanks


Merrick said...



Shan said...

so sweet, i love you so much baby!

Ashley said...

sooo adorable. i love the "belly bell"

chris told me that is what you were doing and shannon told me that was what she was doing, i thought it was so sweet you guys had the same idea. too cute you little soul mates. Congrats!

kayven said...

aww u are just the cutest thing EVER josh! wheres mine? :(