Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So if you didn't know my wife and I moved to Chicago almost a year ago and it's been amazing but this morning for some reason I really missed some weird but meaningful things from home. Here is a short list of things that Chicago doesn't have that I am dying to have right now haha.

1. Old Fashion Donut - For some reason everyone in the mid west LOVES Dunkin Donuts and I have no idea why. They could possibly have the worst selection and flavors of donuts on the planet. All I want is a hole in the wall donut shop that you can get a dozen donuts in a pink box with the name and address stamped on the top of the box. Mr. Donut I miss oh so much. F U Dunkin Donuts

2. Tem's BBQ - If you live in San Diego, CA and have never been to Tem's BBQ then you are missing out on one of the greatest treasures that city has to offer. It's a Chinese bbq restaurant that has a whole bunch of stuff but they have one thing and one thing only you should order the bbq pork. It's like an angel giving you a hug in the form of bbq pork over rice with more bbq sauce poured on top. If I could open a Tem's BBQ here I would quit designing.

3. The Ocean - I have lived my whole life in California and always within a short drive to the beach. Don't really have the luxury of that here because the so-called Beach here doesn't smell, sound or feel anything like a beach. If anyone wants to bottle up some ocean water and send it my way I'll buy you some Tem's.

So, of course I love where I live but sometimes you need those little things that make life awesome. Have a good Tuesday oh and if you live in San Diego I hope the weather is terrible like it is here. =)


leslie said...

never heard of tem's, but i'm sure my boyfriend will be glad i learned about it, thanks!

Jules said...

it is raining here in San diego right now!! U wished this on us!

Shan said...

Tem's is on Mira Mesa just east of Chili's. It's like the two blocks from there.