Friday, June 20, 2008


I just finished my custom painted YOKA vinyl for a show at Subtext in San Diego, CA. The show is Friday, July 25th, 6-10pm in conjunction with San Diego Comic Con 2008. More info to come soon and Colby is painting one but is lagging hardcore. Everyone should email him and bug him, maybe even punch him up a little so he stops sitting around doing nothing.


Andy said...

I dig it. I love the hash marks for the water texture. Can you talk about what kind of medium and brush you used to paint it? I'm interested in getting into this kind of stuff as Rotofugi sells blank vinyl figurines, I just don't know much about the process.

Josh said...

Hi Andy,

Yea this was my first vinyl so I don't know if my methods are the best and easy but they worked for me. So first I coated the whole thing with gesso at least two coats. Then for the base colors I used fluid acrylic, it goes on really smooth and is personally the best. Then for the black I used sharpie paint pens. As far as brushes I just used cheap art store brushes, all different sizes. And then I finished it with Krylon Matte Finish. I hope that helps.

Dustin Ortiz said...

I'd have to say, I'm super amped on this little number.