Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bands That *Might* Rock Your Face: Maps & Atlases

And I wrote "might" because Maps & Atlases isn't for everyone, but their energy and talent is a enjoyable dose once you take it in. Yesterday marked the release of their second album called "You and Me and the Mountain." On this release the gents have taken their music to a new level compared to their first effort which was a very sporadic collection of sounds and feelings. 

Adding a folk influence, to me, it sounds like this: If you took The Shins, kicked James Mercer in the gnards to get his voice higher, and gave the entire band way too much coffee, you would end up with "You and Me and the Mountain." Check out the album on iTunes and buy it for only $5. However, you should taste-test them before you get all willy-nilly with that wallet Mr. Fancy Stache.

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