Monday, August 18, 2008

Artist We Love: Charles Harper

I have been with my wife for almost nine yrs( married for 1 yr) and over the years as I have become a designer and now as I am doing illustrations I try to share my loves for design and art with her and for the most part we like the same styles of art. I have to say as a designer, illustrator, artist what ever it may be one of the coolest things is to have someone close to you discover an artist that they think will inspire you or see through that artist how you see the world.

Recently my wife was in a store and came across a book about Charles Harper and she asked if I have ever heard of him before and unfortunately i hadn't. But once she showed me some of his work online I knew who he was. I started digging a little more to learn about this incredible artist and it has changed my life (art wise). He truly captures the wildlife and portrays them in such interesting ways the simple shapes transform the whole piece. Change out some of his amazing pieces below.

Thanks Shannon =)

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Shan said...

you're welcome...

i loved that giraffe one. its called "love from above," so cute!