Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Up Jolby?

Colby moves to Portland a week from Sunday (yikes!), a few pieces in a London art show curated by the kind folks at Its Nice That, a duo-show at Subtext in early '09, Josh's Indelible work is still up for grabs so go buy them, the same with my drawing show pieces, Josh's tee is on the rise, and Josh and I become Jolby in daylight within a few weeks. Write us! Say "hello," or "you guys smell like pooh," or even "hey I think you are cute will you take me to Quizno's?" We're down with all of that.

Pretty colors by Andy Gilmore.

1 comment:

Chris Forrette said...

I think you guys are both cute and now I'm craving some Quizno's. Let's meet up and get some black angus steak sandwiches mofos. The middle point between the 3 of us would be like New Mexico, see you there!