Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Colby: 2 New Pieces

Here are 2 new pieces I just finished for the "Shelf Life" show called "There is Something" & "Inside of Me." Both of these 12 x 12 pieces will be framed and hung side-by-side in the show. I've been really focused on opposites in my work lately and like how these turned out. Click each for a larger view.


Andy said...

Looking good! So as usual, I'm interested in process here. How did these start out? Do you pencil first then scan and use photoshop/illustrator or are these screenprints? Curious!

Colby said...

Hey Andy thanks for your comment. This started out as a sketch, then I inked over it using a light box onto a clean sheet, drawing the art onto various pieces of paper so I could easily adjust each drawing once scanned. I then compiled it in photoshop to keep the lines clean, adding color behind the art and baam. These will be sold as high-quality ink jet prints. The inks look neon after they printed!

Andy said...

Thanks Colby, always interesting to hear how other folks roll =)