Monday, January 19, 2009

5 Weeks Until the Jolby Show: Our Process

5 weeks! Time is ticking away and here's another update. The sneak-peeks from this post are in the Outskirts of the forest. The Ouskirts are a sort of "limbo" area between William's birth place of Seaside and his destination of the lush, beautiful forest that his grandfather Danny has told him about since he was a little boy. This part of the story will be very dark and a nice departure for us stylistically.

A lot of people are asking about how we are collaborating on each piece and what our process has been like for the show. Well, since Josh and I are both in different States, working mostly digitally on the show was a must (there are paintings but they are coming later). The ideas for each piece come from both of us and usually one will start the idea and we'll both work on it until its there. Then we both sketch our parts of the piece. I have been drawing the characters/objects/towns and Josh has been drawing all of the patterns and the dream pieces and we both have been doing our share of the type (which is all hand-drawn). We then scan everything in, bring it into Photoshop to keep the quality of the line (no live-tracing), and start coloring. Josh finishes it all up by adding these insane textures that he makes by hand to everything that really completes each piece. So there you have it; A little insight into our process. 

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