Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorry it's been so long it's I have posted anything. I have had my hands full with a new member to my wife and I family. Meet Archie our new dog that we adopted last week. We have wanted a dog for a long time and I decided to get my wife a dog for xmas. Archie is amazing and we are having a blast training him except for the waking up at 6 am to walk him =). Why did we name him Archie you ask? Well I wanted to name him Archer after my favorite typeface but since it was my wife's gift we decided Archie was a cute version. I am sure I will be posting funny pics has he grows with our family but for now here are a couple.


Chris Forrette said...

Archie looks way phat and I love that his name came from a rad typeface. And I love dogs that sleep on you. I hope he and Burrito will cross paths one day and be the best of friends. And start a band together.

Ashley said...

Archer!!!! I love him, he's so cute! Congrats!!!

haha, just reading my hubbys comment... i agree..

kayven said...

look at joshy sleeping!! so cute!!! what kind of dog is that? looks to be something mixed with a jack russell.