Friday, February 20, 2009

1 Day Left: It's all there!

Wow. What a long road it has been to get to this point. Josh and I have been up super early each day this week finishing the pieces, seeing great friends, eating like kings, and we just finished hanging everything in the show. We are so proud of the work and have so many people to thank that without them none of this would be possible. Hope to see you out there tomorrow so that you can join us in sharing this work with everyone and eat some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies (what says 'home' more than that?) and some beer/wine, of course. We've also already sold 5 pieces and the show hasn't even opened yet!


Merrick said...

Congrats, guys. I'm real proud of you both!

Colby said...

Thanks boo! Ms. u

Merrick said...


I'll be in PDX on the 3rd.

More hugs then.