Monday, February 9, 2009

12 Days Left: Screen Printing with Keegan

Only 12 days left and we're updating this week with the screen prints for the show that are awaiting your eyeballs. The dude with the glasses above (who is ever-so-carefully registering the screen) is Keegan Onefoot who is 1/2 of Keegan Meegan Press & Bindery in Portland, OR. I got to spend a few hours this week with the pressman himself talking art, color, some politics, and coffee. He is an awesome guy and a great artist as well. I would recommend you contact him for any screen print or letterpress needs if you are in the area. Enjoy the process shots above and keep an eye out for a sneak peak link that should be going up soon with even more eyeball-teasers. Cheers kids!


Shan said...

12 DAYS?!?! holy shit! forget the blogs you better get painting you bastards!

btw, the new logo looks awesome! well done snatchface, well done.

kayven said...

everything looks super guys! hope i end up seeing u two down in sd.