Monday, February 2, 2009

19 Days Until the Show: Welcome to The Forest

We are two days away from finishing all 21 prints. It feels really good to see the story come to life and we are pretty excited to start on the paintings but nervous too. This weekend myself and a good friend Andy Roush were hard at work creating music for the show. Andy is an amazing composer and has been incredibly generous to make a 3 part song that follows the artwork from the show. Once it is done and we put up the preview of the show we will make the song downloadable so you can follow the story with the music. We should be getting some shots of the plush dolls very soon so look out for that.

This week's sneak peek are from the tree top forest. This is were William comes to find out home means to him. Enjoy and keep checking back. Also if you have a blog and will post anything about our show that would be amazing.

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Chris Forrette said...

It's looking awesome as always guys, it's been really great to see your process, development and growth not only of the story itself but the aesthetic to it all as well -- looks like an awesome journey through and through. And I love the sweet music coming from the bird house, we all know what that means right guys? Heyooo d5d5d5