Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keep Those Posts Comin'!

Keep posting people! We've gotten a lot more this month that we've had in the past and we wanna keep that flowing. This month's giveaway ends Thursday night which is when we'll pull a winner out, so comment away. You could comment about anything, really. The more you post the better your odds. Thanks!


Ashley said...

It is TOTALLY cool that you guys are doing this. I want Jolby art.

Ryan said...

This one time, I was on the corna wearin' my leatha,
and I spotted Josh wearing some pletha. yeah, whateva.

Ben said...

Who wouldn't post for free Jolby art?
Not me.

Hope this 'promo' generates more traffic for you guys! I think everyone NEEDS to see your art.

Colby said...

Thanks dudes + Ashley!! We'll pick a winner soon!