Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Imaginary Friends

Even though we aren't done with the zine or had the show, we have already started working on our next idea of a show. We are super excited for this one because we are collaborating with Ashley Forrette a absolutely amazing photographer in Portland,OR.

The show is going to be based around imaginary friends and where they go when we grow up. We are looking for any stories, names of imaginary friends, drawings, anything really to help us dive into that world.

Email me at if you don't want to post your imaginary friend stories. Thanks and have a great day.


Lefty Wahl said...

Up until the age of five or six, I hung out with a dude I called Gus the Ghost. Not entirely sure where the imaginary friend's name originated, but always thought Paul Simon's "Fifty Ways to Leave You Lover" was written for us, with the personalized, instruction to "Hop on the bus, Gus." (My father's name is Lee so the line, "hand me the key, Lee" further cemented this belief.) Gus and I seemed to part company just as my mother and father divorced. Not sure there was much symbolism in this event. It had more to do with my mother and I moving, and I just worried that Gus wouldn't adjust well.

Colby said...

Hey Left! Thanks for posting that. Very inspiring story for where we're heading with it...