Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Help Ryan Win!

Ryan Seaman has been a great friend of mine since design school and a huge supporter of Jolby so we had to do a post on a t-shirt contest that he is in currently. DesignbyHumans is having their annual 10k contest. I entered last year and got no where so let's help Ryan win this one. You have to sign up to vote but it's a sweet design and it's for a great guy. GO VOTE!!

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Thank you! I really appreciate you featuring me on your blog. Not only am I a supporter of Jolby, but I look up to you guys. You keep me motivated and keep me thinking I need to keep working harder to get to the places you're both going.

I truly believe that your progress keeps pushing me to be better so when ever there is a time or place I can represent Jolby and your friends, I will.