Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Week With Jolby

We were asked a couple weeks ago by Doodlers Anonymous if we wanted to do a week with Jolby feature on their site. We agreed and documented a week and to our surprise it turned out pretty cool. Doodlers did an awesome job compiling all our doodles and weird pictures into a great post. Colby and I have been working together as Jolby for a little over two years and for the first time we have been able to work in the same city and it feels really good to look at the pics and see the work we are doing.

Also we just updated our shop with our zine and some new prints. Take a look and if you enjoy or just want to support some fine gentlemen get some stuff!

1 comment:

Ryan Seaman said...

this post makes me wonder what the hell am i doing. i'm going to get a shovel right's dark out. really nice work j+c.