Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Nice That Exhibition: London

The cool folks over at It's Nice That invited Josh and I to show Andy Frasco's "Growth & Progress" album at their first exhibition in London, Enguhlund. We are honored and wish we could be there for the show. Oh, and they forgot to put Josh's name on the flyer which includes some of the most amazing artists/designers, but we've been assured it'll be fixed for the show. More to come!


Chris Forrette said...

Dudes, this is way awesome, congratulations!! You guys did some rad work on that album so it's great to see you getting recognition--and internationally no less! Make those bitches fly you out there! Way up high fives!

kayven said...

im glad they didnt put josh's name on there. but great job guys, very proud of u guys! the album art definitely is worthy of this.