Thursday, September 25, 2008


As you may have saw earlier Colby has joined the Tangible Worldwide team with me as art director in our new Portland office. This poster was the first "official" project him and I got to work on together. It turned out pretty sickle and we are excited to see it printed. Keep checking back with updates when they will be for sale. Also if you get a chance go check out the Tangible site we recently redesigned and it looks gnartastic. Oh and there are more details of our poster on the Tangible site. ONE WEEK TILL BALI!!

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Chris Forrette said...

This poster rules. My favorite is the 4 foot thick deep dish pizza and the hot dog-eating monster. I know that's totally Josh. How do I know? Because of the beanie. Why is that cow on fire? How big is the print? You should make one for Portland, and then SF! You guys rock it.