Thursday, February 26, 2009

PDF of Show & more

So as you probably noticed this week we kind of lagged on posts. We decided to take it easy and let our minds and bodies relax alittle. We just got the updated pdf from Subtext with all the pieces from the show. 

Please contact the gallery using the info in the .pdf with any purchase inquiries. A huge thank you to anyone that purchased a piece online or at the show, we can't even express what it means for someone to connect with our art and then purchase it. So amazing.

We will be updating our site with the full show and older work that we have done. We will also be getting a store up very soon and will be doing alot more fun prints/art/skateboards/milk cartons you know the normal stuff.

Lastly, when Colby and I first came up with the story for "Home is Where You Make it" we knew that we wanted it to be a book. And after the response at the show and online that will be our next project. As we develop it we will be posting pics and such so keep a look out for that. If you know anyone or know someone that knows someone that might know Kevin Bacon that might help us get this published we would be very grateful. Thanks and have a great weekend. Above are some of the pieces from the show we haven't featured yet. I want that ukulelee =)


Shan said...

i wanna know if I can purchase the centuar quarter of jolby, is that still for sale?

Josh said...

It is still available. How would you like to pay?

Colby said...

Keep in mind our favorite methods of payment are a. parts for penis car assembly b. J5's