Monday, February 23, 2009

The Show Recap

View pics from the show (flickr).

We will be uploading individual pics of each piece soon and into that flickr set as well as posting an updated inventory on what's still for sale!

We have so many people to thank for such an amazing opening night for our first solo show. The night was a blur as we jumped from person to person, walking them through the story, talking to people who bought pieces, seeing family and friends, and enjoying the vibe. It was a crowded opening all night and most of the art sold, too!

Jolby would like to thank: Dolls for Friends for their incredible work and amazing additions to our show and story, Andy Roush for the music, Keegan and Katy from Keegan Meegan Press & Bindry for the amazing screen prints, Chris Forrette for our rad website, Merrick, the crew at Tangible Worldwide, Greg at In to Ink, Bobby @ Kitsune Noir, Brian Willette for printing our show you saved our lives, San Diego Reader & City Beat, and the Cuban Council Crew, Don/Dylan/Amy/George/Subtext for their amazingness and helping this all come together, everyone who bought a piece of art at the show we are so grateful, Monica Moon, Brian Haas for the frames and delicious beer/fuel, everyone that posted any word/sentence/picture/link including: Will @ its nice that, QBN, Little Chimp Society, Josh Spear, Drawn!, Dustin Ortiz, Kitsune Noir, and each and everyone for coming out, everyone that has supported us over the last couple of months we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Josh would like to thank: My lovely wife Shannon for all of her support, my dad for making all our boards, my mom who is sick and couldn’t make the show, my family, Merrick & Tangible, Colby for the inspiration and drive to be a better artist, Subtext, Everyone that drove down for the show, Tem’s BBQ.

Colby would like to thank: Abby Rynko for her undying love/patience/honesty, Josh Kenyon for liking sports and for collaborating/pushing/pulling on a life-changing project like this, Josh's dad for his wood-working brilliance, Merrick & Tangible, everyone at Subtext, My Ma/Sis/Bro for the support and for the hospitality while staying in San Diego, the City of Portland, Anathallo, Fleet Foxes, Shannon Kenyon for her writings, Corey Warning for all his kindness, Tom Okerlund, Ideaworks Advertising for their support.


Dustin Ortiz said...

I wish I could have made it.
Looks great guys.

I'm so proud of you I could cry

Nathan said...

I heard of this from Its Nice That, love the artwork.

Colby said...

Thanks dudes!

laura. said...